Professional Foundation Repair in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Foundation repair refers to the process of fixing a leaky, cracked, or shifting foundation. When a home has this type of problem, it can be very serious and require immediate attention from an experienced contractor to help fix the issue.

Foundation problems are typically caused by soil movement due to weather conditions such as rainwater penetration during heavy rainfall events causing cracks in your walls that lead to leaking water into your house, which will eventually cause damage if left unattended for too long.

The most common signs that you might have leak issues with the base of your basement are damp floors, mold growth, and peeling paint on exterior walls. So, make sure to inspect these areas carefully before calling a professional for a leak repair service.

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Causes of Foundation Damage

The foundation of your home could be damaged due to many reasons. It is important to have a leak repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid extensive damage. Some of the most common causes for foundation problems are:

Ground Movements

When water accumulates around your home, it leads to minerals like calcium and magnesium dissolving into it.

This solution will eventually cause soil erosion which leads the structure above (the house) to sink down or rise up due to uneven pressure applied by moving earth beneath its foundations. Over time, this can result in cracks that transfer water inside through walls leading to leaky basements.

If not fixed quickly, these leakages could lead you to need an expensive repair job because basement waterproofing in Winston Salem can be required if there has already been significant damage done over time without any fixings done.

Poorly Constructed Foundation

If the foundation of your home was not constructed properly, that could also lead to foundation damage with time. In this case, you might require a leak repair service.

Bad Soil Conditions

Even if the construction of your foundation is perfect, you are still at risk of having leak problems with your basement if there is groundwater that can easily penetrate through it.

This happens due to bad soil conditions around the house, which leads to cracks in basements and leaky foundations over time, leading to extensive damage when not taken care of on time. If this has happened already, get in touch with our leak repair team immediately for effective solutions before more damage occurs.

Improper Drainage

If the drainage around your home is improper, it could also lead to soil erosion. Over time, this soil erosion causes foundation damage, which will lead to water leaking inside your home.

If you notice any of these signs around the house, it is important to take care of them quickly before they worsen and cause extensive damage that will eventually cost more money in repairs with time.

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Signs of Foundation Damage

If the foundation of your home is undergoing damage, you will surely see the signs over time. Here are some signs of foundation damage that you should look out for.

Cracks in Walls and Foundation

One of the major signs of foundation damage is cracks in the walls and foundation of your home. If not repaired on time, these cracks can grow in size and reach up to the walls and ceilings.

Sinking or Bowing Foundation Walls

The foundation of your home might also be sinking down in one area while bowing out on another side.

This can lead to significant issues with doors and windows not closing properly, which will eventually lead you to fix them at a great expense if they keep opening when closed. That is an indication that there has been extensive damage over time without any repair work done yet.

Frequent Door Swings

If you notice frequent door swings on exterior doors inside the house, it could indicate serious problems with the foundation of your home, especially if these doors swing open even when locked properly from the outside.

If this happens frequently for interior doors as well, then get in touch with us immediately.

Uneven or Sagging Floors

If the floors in your home are uneven or sagging, that could be a sign of foundation damage. This is especially true if the problem persists after applying pressure with your feet at various points on the floor.

Sagging floors do not only ruin the aesthetic of your home but can also cause an injury as they become a trip hazard.

Water Damage

If there has already been some damage to the house, you might feel the water inside it, which could lead to mold growth if not taken care of on time by a leak repair service.

This occurs due to water penetrating through cracks in the walls or foundation over time, leading to extensive damage when left unattended for too long on its own.

Mold Growth

When excessive moisture builds up near your home, especially if stagnant air is present around foundations without proper ventilation systems, mold can begin growing all throughout the home.

Mold is harmful to health because it can lead to breathing problems and other complications.

If you notice any of these signs around the house, it is important to take care of them quickly before they worsen and cause extensive damage that will eventually cost more money in repairs with time.

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Importance of Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is an important correctional need of any home since it ensures that your home does not lose its structural stability over time.

It is a vital aspect of any construction because it means the overall integrity of a house is upheld and maintains even pressure beneath itself. Without foundation repair, houses will begin to sink, which results in cracks forming within walls or floors where water can come into your home, leading to serious leakages.

With proper care for our homes, these problems are easily avoided by having minor repairs done using cost-effective methods before more damage occurs down the road due to neglecting foundation issues when they arise.

If your home is old, you might experience more foundation damage as compared to homeowners in newer homes.

This is because the foundation of the house gets weaker with time. Call us today for an inspection to determine if your foundation is in need of repairs.

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Foundation Maintenance Tips

If you want your home’s foundation to last for a long time, here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that your foundation drain is clean so water doesn’t pool around the house.
  • Keep plants and shrubs away from retaining walls to avoid damage due to roots breaking free over time, leading to cracks in walls or outside areas of a foundation.
  • Look for any signs of surface erosion on your home’s foundation, which could indicate an issue with drainage problems, especially if you notice some mounds forming at low spots along the wall structure.

Even after extensive maintenance, the foundation of your home may suffer a blow due to harsh weather. If that happens, reach out to us, and we will match you with our Winston Salem basement waterproofing and foundation repair services.


What Happens If You Don’t Fix a Foundation?

If you do not fix your home’s foundation, it can lead to a lot of problems.

Structural issues will begin surfacing, such as cracks in the walls and floors, leading to leaks entering your living space if not dealt with on time by foundation repair experts.

The longer you wait, the more damage builds up within your home, leading to extensive repairs needed along the way that could have easily been avoided when caught early enough at an affordable cost.

How Long Does Foundation Repair Take?

Foundation repair takes about a week to complete.

Any work done on the foundation of a home will take an estimated amount of time, usually less than two weeks, depending on how extensive your problem is and if there are any other issues that need attention along with it.

Do I Need Foundation Repair?

If you have noticed signs around your house, such as cracks in walls or floors or even water pooling near them, which does not go away quickly after heavy rainfall, then these could be signs of concern.

They indicate possible damage within your foundation. In this case, you should call us for inspections just in case because building up too much damage over time can lead to more problems in the foundation.

In the end, you may have to pay a lot of money to fix these problems.